Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Grand Plan

I am leaving St. Louis, Missouri on Friday, January 16th (2009). After flying through Los Angeles and Brisbane, Australia (a little out of the way), I will be stopping in Nadi, Fiji on January 18th for a couple nights. From there I will be flying to the island of Tonga(tapu) on January 20th and staying in Nuku'alofa until we leave port on January 23rd.

After a long time - some 40+ days - on the NSF research vessel named the Marcus Langseth, we will be arriving in Suva, Fiji by March 8th. I plan to take a taxi, rent a car, or take a bus from Suva (on the southeastern side of the island) to Nadi (on the western side of the island), where I will leave for Sydney, Australia on March 10th.

My plans for what I will do in Australia are not set, but I hope to spend a couple of days in Sydney, a few days in Canberra (the capital city and location of the Australian National University (ANU)) with my friend Sara, and a few days in another still-to-be-determined, interesting location. For all of you who have visited, lived in, or know about Australia, I'd love to hear suggestions! After a week in Australia, I will be flying back to Los Angeles, and then on to St. Louis on March 19th.